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Fun Timez

Type a few of the following leads to questions into Google. It returns the most popular searches.


Winter Warmer

Year after year, when Winter sets in, I fail in tracking down a good, stylish coat. It seems style is compromised for warmth. The trend for layering still lives on among high street fashion, making it difficult to buy a warm coat that won’t make you look as if you’ve just returned from a Himalayan expedition.

My little fashionista friend, Eimear, told me to take a look at All Saints when I described the “warm, but funky Winter coat” I so badly want. I took a look and found the below.  If it fits, it’s mine.

Foulada, The Chilled Drink of Fouls

Over the weekend, some friends and I went to Kilkenny on a pseudo-hen. The weekend was a refined affair involving afternoon tea, dinner, private screening of a movie, colossal breakfast and access to a spa. It was most pleasant. Unfortunately, there was one incident that left a black mark on the whole experience. This smear came in the form of what was is known as “Foulada”.

Foulada was first encountered on the menu of an Asian infusion type restaurant. It was described as “rose jelly, chilled milk and ice-cream”. This had to be experienced to be believed. I anticipated an authentic Asian treat. It arrived at the table and was exactly as described; jelly, milk and ice-cream. The jelly was chopped up through the – what was by now – pink milk. Shredded fruit (or carrot) provided much needed texture.

A minute or two into the exploratory investigation that was my dessert, I realised there was peanuts in it too – Foulada with peanut surprise. You probably ask why I ordered this concoction. I opted for Foulada because it just sounded too ghastly to be true. I doubted any self-respecting restaurant would put it on the menu unless they deemed it a surprise to the unsuspecting open-minded individual.

Today, I reminded myself to Google “Foulada”. I was convinced that the hotel had obviously created some botched version of an Asian delicacy. Look at my Google results. Never have I seen such sparse results for any Google search. This dessert is rare or something the hotel restaurant made up. The fourth match in the search is the hotel’s menu. How funny is that? foulada