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Life is a Hill

If you’ve read this blog a few times, I am sure you realise I am what friends might call “a little highly strung”. I tend to get wound up easily. I often vent my anger through (funny) rants, which involve complaining about everything and anything. Sometimes, when friends’ ‘daft’ actions affect me, I get frustrated. Initially, I give out, but I eventually calm down and mellow out. Once you get past the over-confident, aggressive façade, I am a nice person.

With these tendencies in mind, something on television caught my attention last night. At around 22.30, I came across a children’s cartoon on BBC 2. The story involved an old lady reminiscing on her youth in the company of a grandchild. She wanted to share something powerful with the child. She imparted some wise words an old man had once told her that encouraged her to practice tolerance towards other people. The gist of it goes something like:

‘Life is a hill. There are many routes one can take to get to the top of the hill. We all take different routes, but eventually will end up at the same destination.’