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Hair Cut Gives Him the Cut

While lying in bed early this morning, the DJ of my favourite morning show debated a story that had broken recently. Apparently, a secondary-school student had been rewarded €3,500 by the Equality Tribunal for his treatment in a school he formerly attended. It was reported the student had been sent home because his hair style was non-compliant with school rules; ‘it was longer than collar length’. The school asked the student to cut his hair. The student refused. The radio show debated the harm in allowing school pupils to wear their hair as they pleased. The host asked where the harm lay in allowing students to express individuality. I was gradually awakening at this stage. After processing the information, I thought back to my school days. Guys in my school were often sent home for bleaching their hair. A school principal in the same town sent students home for having tight hair (any thing cut with a blade one or less). I discussed this matter with Boyfriend. We agreed it was pathetic.

Time passed and the news article was reported in further detail. The news report described the manner in which the school had asked the student to cut his hair. The vice-principal had told the student he was sporting “a girl’s hair style”. To make matters worse, all these trivial events took place while the student was studying for his Leaving Cert (his final exams). This incensed me. The school’s superior’s thought the trivialities of a student’s hair cut to outweigh the student’s performance in his exams. The school thought their fascist opinions on the art of coiffeur gave them the right to add emotional trauma to the already turbulent adolescent mind. Who do these people think they are? For the love of God, why are these people allowed contact with society? Why are these “teachers” allowed contact with our children? I wouldn’t permit individuals like these to train my fleas to perform tricks, never mind educate my children.