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In a Nark

This week, I am in a nark. I have, as Boyfriend would say, stopped off at the grumpy shop. I’ve definitely filled my trolley at the Grumpy Store. I am not entirely sure why I am in this mood. It must have to do with the fact my exams loom around the corner.

My emotions are heightened. So far this week, I have had a few small cries and lost my temper on one or two occasions. I am completely out of sync with my emotional state. The man flowers are definitely in town.

To create this state of mind you will need:

  • One cup of self-pity
  • A table spoon of contempt
  • A handful of exhaustion
  • A tea spoon of bitterness
  • A pinch of over ambition
  • Some depression to decorate

Mix the ingredients well. Fold the mixture and allow to separate. Extract any patience/tolerance to guarantee a good display of temper.

Cook at a high temperature in a pressure cooker until well done.