About MyopicPsychotic

I chose the name MyopicPsychotic mainly because it’s catchy. The tag line  “short insights – lengthy lunacy” captures my short attention span and the quirky thoughts that run through my head. MyopicPsychotic is  an outlet for the upbeat positives and funny events in my life.

Most readers of this blog are personal friends who know me in the real  world.  Despite being the type of person who would tell my most intimate details to a stranger on the bus, I prefer to conceal my identity and maintain my level of openness.

I mainly write for the fun of it, opting to write about funny, random incidents (be it just to document them for my own purpose). I scribe on an assortment of topics; men’s fashion, personal events and things that generally take my interest. My attention could be captured with a piece of tin foil and a torch.

If my blog were a refreshment, it’d be an Illy coffee, served in ornate, floral patterned china, accompanied by a wafer-style biscuit.

Enjoy my diary.


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