Get the Boot In!

The recent bout of inclement weather encouraged me to purchase boots on Monday. With warm, cosy feet did I realise the ease boots allowed me to walk over snow and ice, indicating an all too rare marriage of fashion and function.

The fashion collections of Autumn-Winter this year featured countless men strutting the catwalk in boots. The only way to wear boots this winter is to tuck your jeans into them, enhancing the prevalent military look that remains since last year. This look has been termed “tuck ‘n’ roll”.


2 responses to “Get the Boot In!

  1. I often go around town and see things in shops and think “that would look good on Stephen, he’s got the height and look”….can I have some of the height and a lot of the look???

  2. Yes you can, but also feel free to buy me things so I can look good.

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