Awkwardness is …

I have previously written the “Awkwardness is …” series in third person narration, which is  tiresome. I’m changing the format.

So back to the entry.

I live on the eighth floor of an apartment block. Walking down the stairs takes an age, especially when half asleep. Needless to say, I use the lift. The only thing is the lift is small. A journey shared with a perfect stranger is to get to know that person  intimately.

Yesterday morning, my oh so nice neighbour – with whom I have nothing in common – joined me in the lift for the third morning in a row. Sunday’s topic of conversation was the cold weather. Monday’s words were on the uselessness of storage heating. This morning’s exchange was different.

I was already in the lift when I heard his apartment door bang. His keys rattled. He hastened once he saw I held the door open.

“Morning,” he said in his usual cheerful manner. He flashed his good smile.

“Hi, again,” I said. It was 08.15 and I was not in the mood to talk.

He made some general chat. I looked up and cut across him.

“You’ve toothpaste on your face,” I said, pointing to my left cheek in an attempt to guide him.

“Really?” He rubbed his cheek vigorously. “Is it gone?”

“Yes, it is.”

It was only when spoke, I realised my observation may have been out of place. I was grateful when the elevator reached ground floor. I bolted from the confined space. I wished him good day and assessed the weirdness of commenting on a practical stranger having toothpaste on his cheek.


4 responses to “Awkwardness is …

  1. Hi, Myopic Psychotic!

    I’m wondering if you’d like to write a guest-post on my blog? I love your writing style and the vignettes that you describe. Because Ireland is so much in the headlines these days, I’m really curious about what the situation is really like there, and I’m asking a few friends, who are good writers, to post, as part of a ‘mini-series’ about life in Ireland — anything from a quick 100 words to longer. Although the idea hinges on the economic situation, it could be more focused on your perceptions of things, whether they’re as bad as the media is painting them, and how it feels to you …

    Anyhow, I’d love to have you write something! Let me know what you think.

    Frieda ( is my email)

    • Hi Frieda!

      Cheers for the compliments and I am truly flattered.

      I’d love to feature on your blog, if you’ll have me that is 🙂


  2. Thanks Stephen, that’s great! I just saw your email, and I’ll reply in a bit more detail there. Frieda

  3. I hope it was toothpaste

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