Make Do or Buy

Every month I have the same issue. I consult friends on what I should do. I speak with my mother on the matter. I even read around the issue.

Should I or should I not buy an Iphone?

I think myself the type of person that would love an Iphone. There are one or two apps I would revel in for sure. Since I don’t live in a cave, I’m more than aware of the many technical issues with the product. If you are spending €280 on a phone, in my opinion it should be flawless. A few friends purchased the Iphone 4 and almost all of them had issues. I question whether I should sit tight for the Iphone 5, rumoured for release in April 2010. I’m making a stand by not buying a flawed gadget.

So until then, I will look at every Iphone user with admiration, while I clutch my long-redundant Nokia 6300 in my sweaty, envious mit.


2 responses to “Make Do or Buy

  1. I bought an iPhone last month and have had no problems! And I LOVE it!!! To be fair, I don’t use loads of apps but I love that I can use them if I need. I like that I can update my blog on the go and waste time on the bus playing the very addictive Angry Birds. I dont have an iTouch but I think if I did I wouldn’t bother with the iPhone….

  2. Stop selling it to me MC. I think it is definitely something I’d enjoy. I like the fact you can blog as you go. That is pretty savage.

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