Stumbled Upon

The following Google searches bring a lot of traffic to my blog. Random, or wha?

“Massimo Dutti jacket”


“Ray Foley”



3 responses to “Stumbled Upon

  1. A person in work recently mentioned snozzcumbers, and it gave me a total flashback as it was the first time I’d heard the word in years. And now this! Maybe they’re coming back.

  2. What is a Snozzcumber?

    Tracing the origins of Google traffic gives a fun insight into the internet’s undergrowth … My recent weird ones have been “ποσο κοστιζει μια αδεια ταξι ΣΤΟ ΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟ” (I hope that’s not offensive but I can’t tell) and “irish girl afraid to talk to american guy.” …

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