Redressing my Views on Fashion

A friend recently asked if I only bought designer clothes. “My runners are from River Island,” I replied, as if this statement indicated a clear no. This question got under my skin more than I care to admit. It got me thinking, and to be honest, my observant friend is right. I have become the type of person I – in my younger, impoverished days – detested. I greatly disapproved of the individual who could not consider buying an item of clothing unless it came from Brown Thomas or some hoity toity boutique. Lately, it seems I have fashioned myself on the creature I once despised.

To me, a good dress-sense is the ability to create a unique look, drawing from trend, high street, designer wear, second-hand stores and pure, brazen self-expression. It really is pure laziness to depend on labels to drip feed inspiration in the form of designer brand’s limited vision. I recall my college days, when the bold and daring art students pretty much wore what they pleased. My friends and I admired their sense of style and individuality with great envy. These people were the personification of the mantra “fashion fades, style is eternal”.

With my friend’s words in mind and the limited offering of shops in Athlone, today I went shopping, in the aim of venturing into stores I usually tilt my nose at. One such shop is Jack & Jones, a store I fell out of love with since my college days. I browsed every T-shirt, jacket and belt on offer. I’ll refrain from making snobbish remarks for fear of overturning the purpose of this blog. What I can reveal is that I bought the below zippy jacket for a mere €30. I love the colour and fit. Needless to say, I was elated with my purchase.

Jack & Jones currently have an impressive and moderately priced selection of chequered shirts in store at the moment, one of which I posted below. These are a good purchase for/by a straight guy, but in my opninion should be avoided by gay men. On my last night out in a gay bar, there were so many chequered shirts in attendance, I thought I had stumbled on a lumberjack convention.


5 responses to “Redressing my Views on Fashion

  1. I have recently undergone a similar transition. It’s not that I buy designer just because I can, a lot of the time they have pieces that will tie together various garments in my wardrobe to create an ensemble that suits my current aesthetic. But sometimes, I do indulge for the hell of it…18 year old me would spit in my face.

  2. Great post! I guess it goes back to that whole ‘money can’t buy you style’ thing… That said, my life won’t be complete until I can afford a Pauric Sweeney bag 🙂

  3. It wasn’t a lumberjack convention; it was a lesbian night.

  4. Well hold onto your seat, I went into Next the other day and saw at least 5 things I liked…..does this mean I’m getting old????
    The great thing is that Next clothes fit…small is like a Gap small i.e. medium in every other store.

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