Different Thing #1

You know I consider it so important to do things you would not ordinarily do? I try doing different things on a weekly basis for multiple reasons; meeting new people, having something topical to talk about or just to learn something new. I am going to document my Different Things in an effort to encourage myself to do more. I feel routine makes the brain rot. I dread the idea of going stale. I am a stubborn bastard at times, who pretty much likes – and mostly gets – his own way. If things do not suit me, I will object. For this reason I think it necessary to drop my guard now and again and go with the flow. It’s just healthy.

My incredibly unconventional and spontaneous friend Marcus contacted me late last night. It was 21.30 or so. I was busy blitzing the apartment. I finished the kitchen and bathroom. Just the living room remained. I stood with a saturated mop in one hand and mobile phone in the other. I chatted to Marcus. I had not seen him in a few weeks. We were long overdue a catch up. I held onto any protests about him calling in so late even though I longed to crawl into bed. Half an hour later Marcus called again, informing me he was outside my apartment block, sitting in the car.

“Come on down,” he said. “Let’s go for a drive.”

We drove to Dollymount Strand, taking the Wooden Bridge onto Bull Island. He parked on the beach. Marcus suggested we leave our shoes and socks in the car. We strolled along the sea front. The sand was damp and lush. My bare feet sank with every step. Despite the cloudiness, the moon gave sufficient light; it was dark, but not pitch. The tide was out. I could hear waves rolling onto the shore in the distance. Birds – seagulls I guess – squawked, disturbed by our loud laughs and conversation. The horizon – out towards the sea – was shrouded in a thick, drizzly mist, cloaking large ferries as they cruised into Dublin Port. The lights from the City, either side of Dublin bay were wondrous. We walked about a mile and a half before turning back. On the return journey we went for a paddle.

By the time I climbed into bed at 01.00 or so, I was truly tired. My legs ached from the extra effort of walking on the sand. My head was filled with the noise of crashing waves and squawking gulls.

I quickly drifted off to sleep.


2 responses to “Different Thing #1

  1. For a minute I thought this story was going somewhere else… 😉 I think its a great idea to do different things and document them – very inspiring for me!

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