Radio Crushes

Because I work in a job that only requires a fraction of my brain, I have taken to listening to the radio to occupy the spare capacity. My favourite radio station, Today FM, would delight in the fact I listen from around 09.00 to 17.00 every day from Monday to Friday. I love Ray D’Arcy’s show. I’ve even come around to Ray Foley. Matt Cooper is God. Tony Fenton is … tolerable.

The content of the Ray D’Arcy show is similar to witty banter one might make among friends. It’s light and often hilarious. The same can be said for the slagging between JP and Ray Foley. Those lads get me through my afternoon. Tony Fenton is … like a person you allow be in your gang because you feel sorry for him. He might do bad things to himself were he alone.

This week Anton Savage filled in for Ray D’Arcy. I’ve spent approximately fifteen hours listening to him since Monday. I love his wit, intelligence, voice and sense of humour. His laugh makes me smile. I Googled him, wanting to put a face to his voice. I was surprised to find a handsome image; he’s a looker in my opinion. I may have a wee crush.

JP from Ray Foley’s show is also funny. I ran him through my complex computer system. Google returned a picture of a fairly decent looking guy.

Neither DJs are gay. I don’t have a chance. Well I could … but that would involve a copious amount of alcohol and some rohypnol. Best not, I think.

Loving the shirt and tie combo

JP is the one in the middle


3 responses to “Radio Crushes

  1. Matt Cooper is my crush!

    Is Anton the guy who fills in for Matt? He has a fab voice too.

  2. I love Anton!!! I cant believe he doesn’t have his own show cos I think hes brill – and that voice…. Oh that voice…

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