Something Tastes Better than Skinny!

I have an obsession with skinny jeans; I want what I can’t wear. Skinny jeans are funky; instant style for people with an ass in proportion with the rest of their body. I am by no means fat, but I have fairly bulky thighs. Skinny jeans cling to my thighs and then plummet baggily from my knees. The resultant look is a leotard.

I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since January. My wardrobe has halved in size. My once fitted jeans are now loose. I am at that irritating between-sizes-phase; clothes are either too tight or too loose. I ventured into Brown Thomas last night to check out the sales. Jeans were reduced by 50%.

Brown Thomas conveniently divide up their jeans by styles; “boot cut”, “baggy”, “straight leg”, “skinny” and “slim”. I had never seen “slim” before. In the slim category were two brands, Acne and Diesel. I picked up four pairs in varying colours. To the changing room I went.

Of all four pairs, the Acne grey jeans looked best; neither too tight nor too loose. They looked so good I almost thanked Holy God there and then. The jeans were originally priced at €170. I secured them for €52.

They look like skinny jeans, but do not look like they were applied with spray paint. These shall be my “slimmy jeans”. I’m chuffed with my purchase.


2 responses to “Something Tastes Better than Skinny!

  1. I cant wear skinny jeans either 😦

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