If this post turns up when someone Googles “ulcers and braces”, it will have performed its function. Us poor brace wearers suffer terribly from ulcers. The orthodontist will shite on about wax and the relief it gives. Brace wearers are given wax to put on the part of the brace that causes the abrasion to the tongue or cheeks. Wax does nothing but end up in your stomach. I am the human candle eater.

After trying many over-the-counter remedies, the nice lady in the pharmacy  recommended a product called Aloclair. Aloclair claims to prevent and treat mouth ulcers. It’s truly amazing. The product is completely natural, containing aloe vera gel as its main ingredient. The only downside is the cost (at 5Eur a pop, which might last you four days) and the horrid taste. However, it’s worth every cent.


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