Got Milk?

If you find a window in your Big Gay Diary for the 14th August, consider buying a ticket to Milk. Milk is Ireland’s first music festival orientated towards the gay community. It’s being held at Ballinlough House, County Meath. The ecclectic line up includes Alexandra Burke and Banarama. Comedy act, Katherine Lynch, is set to perform. Organisers boast chill out zones and cocktail bars, something which  is absent from at Oxegen.

The capacity for the festival is 5,000. It will either be a stunning success or a big, fat failure. Tickets are selling for a steep 107Eur inclusive of booking fee. I’m considering going, but before parting with my hard earned doh, I’m interested to see the level of demand. Admittedly, 107Eur isn’t much for what could potentially be an amazing and very unique day. I should bite the bullet and pay up.

Where else but annual Gay Pride would there be as big as big a gathering of my gay brethren than this?

My mate Paidraic pointed out that “if  you ‘don’t get your hole’ at a venue with 5,000 gays off their tits, then you really don’t have a chance do you?”

The pressure!


One response to “Got Milk?

  1. Bananarama!!!!!!!!!!!!

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