The Return of the Massimo Dutti Jacket Obsession

On Monday morning my colleague strutted into the office sporting her birthday present. She had obviously been treated by a loved one over the weekend. She wore a beautifully shaped, light brown, leather jacket. She smiled proudly (and smugly). She observed the once over I gave her.

“Nice jacket. Where did you get it?”

She beamed. “I bought it in Massimo Dutti.”

“It’s beautiful. Can I feel the leather?” I caressed the soft leather, begrudgingly.

Contact with Colleague’s jacket prompted a hatch to slowly creak open in my mind; an old obsession reared its ugly head and crawled from the confines it was once safely locked away. This obsession related to a Massimo Dutti jacket I encountered last year.  The jacket burned an impression into my brain; it became an obsession that took months to get over. So strong was this wanton desire I documented it. I stood there stroking my colleague’s sublime jacket, recalling the fine jacket like it were an old friend from long ago.

“It really was beautiful,” I whispered to myself.

“Sorry, Stephen? What did you say?” Colleague looked concerned. She reached out. “Eh, can I get my jacket back?”

I flung it back at her. Regretfully, she declined my suggestion to take turns wearing it alternating weekends. I returned to my desk not fully aware of the stirrings in my mind.

Those stirrings gradually rippled to the forefront of my consciousness. Tonight, I went onto the Massimo Dutti site. I really should not have. The jacket I once obsessed over is long gone. But, there is a new one. A new, amazing, brown, leather jacket!

I can afford to buy this jacket since my February wage is a little higher than normal. The only obstacle is a promise I made myself to pay a lump sum off my outstanding college loan. I swore to seriously dent that loan tomorrow morning, but then along came this jacket and…

This is yet another example of something getting stuck in my head. You can guess that obsessive tendencies can be a hindrance in life. They sometimes can, but this is not an example of such. I dumped the obsession of the last brown leather jacket and replaced it with an obsession for a new, different, brown leather jacket. I did the healthy thing and moved on.

I’m normal.


One response to “The Return of the Massimo Dutti Jacket Obsession

  1. I do worry …

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