Getting Down – and Dirty – with the Active Retirees

During the Christmas period, a noble colleague, Susan, suggested that instead of doing a Kris Kindle (and buying one another cheap tack) we should each donate €10 to a worthy cause. The resultant collection came to €500. Susan suggested the money go to a local active retirement centre. Everyone agreed. Apparently, it is statistically proven elderly people in the locality of my work place live longer due to the community spirit that resides there. This longevity is partly attributable to the retirement centre.

During Christmas week, we visited the retirement centre to give them our donation. We were received with much warmth and banter. The age group ranged from sixty five to eighty five.  In one room some men played snooker. In the larger room at the back the seniors played bowls. Susan made a presentation of the card. With formalities aside, one gentleman proposed we have tea; we shuffled into the kitchen where fairy cakes were presented for us “dignitaries”.

A key figure of the retirement group, Carmel, asked us to drop in for their Christmas party held today. Three of us showed up to a gathering of nearly forty singing at the top of their lungs; old songs, many of which I never heard before. I was served a vodka and 7-Up. There was very little 7-Up in the concoction. Members of the group were called up to sing their party piece. We declined an invite to sing. After maybe ten or so performances (some of which were hilarious) the congregation got up to dance.

The Mavericks “I Just Want to Dance the Night Away” blared through the sound system. Susan, Elizabeth and I took to the floor, which was engulfed with bodies. We laughed aloud at the sight of the senior citizens pinching and slapping one another’s arse. One woman danced into the centre of the circle and straddled the pillar. I doubled over with laughter. We saw out our visit with “Sweet Caroline”, during which the scandalous seniors, much to my delight, upped the level of inappropriateness.

I returned to the office with a renewed sense of vigour accessorised with a smile.


One response to “Getting Down – and Dirty – with the Active Retirees

  1. how lovely! Sounds like a lot of the donation will have gone on vodka 🙂

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