Truth from the Mouth of Babes

Boyfriend spent some time at his family home over Christmas. His brother Conor was home from Bermuda for a few weeks. Conor has longish hair. The Bermudian humidity has caused it to curl into ringlets.  His friends think it resembles a perm.

One day over Christmas Boyfriend’s family were gathered at the dinner table. Boyfriend’s niece Aoife was in attendance. Aoife is four years old. Being the first grandchild in the family, she is a little spoilt and outspoken. She craves attention and generally receives it.

Everyone at the table sat awaiting the food to be dished up.

“Conor,” Aoife exclaimed in her high-pitched voice.

Conor responded obediently. “Yes, Aoife?”

“I like your curls Conor. They are very pretty”.

By now Aoife had the full attention of the family. Aoife looked towards Boyfriend, whose hair is considerably longer than he usually keeps it. It’s a bit of a mess.

“You have hair like a clown,” she said.

The congregation laughed loudly.

“Truth from the mouth of babes,” retorted Boyfriend’s father.


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