12 Pubs of Christmas

This Friday I will endure a new experience. For the first time in my relatively young life, I will undertake what is called a “Twelve Pubs of Christmas”. Boyfriend has done Twelve Pubs for years; in theory it sounds fun. I’ve decided to have a go for myself.

My friends intend visiting twelve pubs in six hours. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure this is going to be messy. Generally, one should consume one unit of alcohol per hour. This festive pub crawl intends for the attendants to consume one unit every half hour. To make matters worse we have been instructed to wear “Christmas Jumpers”. Naturally, some goers will not be outdone. I’ve been informed one of my friends is wearing lights; does she intend bringing a battery?

I have two days to throw a pile of Christmas tack together as an ensemble. I’ll have to get the thinking cap on. Suggestions are most welcome.


One response to “12 Pubs of Christmas

  1. Penneys have some 80s style mens cardigans with snowflakes on them that I thought were quite christmassy! A trip to the pound shop for some decorations and youd be sorted!!

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