He’s a Super Freak, Super Freak/He’s Super-Freaky

It appears I married a freak. Well, not so much a freak, but a man of freakish intelligence. Boyfriend is the annoying type of person that will nail an exam or assessment with (or what appears to be) minimal effort. Boyfriend combines study techniques with an amazing aptitude and masters any exam.

A couple of months ago he decided to make a go at the incredibly difficult exams that are GAMSATS.  He committed to studying, but did not do all that much. He did not even buy the right books. He considered this attempt a practice round. Following the exam he dismissed his attempt as a waste of time. Based on track record and his modesty, I knew there was a chance he’d nailed it.  As I said, he’s phenomenal like that.

The results for the UK GAMSATS were published this morning. Boyfriend attained the mark he needed. He’s amazing. I mean he’s incredible. I’ve never met anyone like him.


One response to “He’s a Super Freak, Super Freak/He’s Super-Freaky

  1. Wow well done him! Definately a celebration is in order to celebrate that and the end of your swineage!!

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