Ignore the Sender

The coat stand in the office collapsed on a colleague for the third time. At the department meeting that week some person with initiative suggested we email the Facilities Department and request a new coat stand. Yes, I am jealous of her ability to give a shit.

“It’s dangerous,” said the colleague with initiative. “It nearly fell on the person.”

Perhaps we should leave it in place, I thought. It might result in one less colleague to bother me. I was in one of those moods when everyone was annoying me.

I piped up. My department looked towards me in unison.“I emailed them last week and requested a new coat stand. I didn’t receive a reply.”

Colleague with Initiative looked surprised. “I wonder why they didn’t reply …”

I thought nothing of the lack of response from the Facilities Department. I put it down to bad manners or lack of efficiency. One evening, while regaling a friend on the drama of the coat stand, my friend asked me if I email Facilities often.

“I’ve emailed them a few times, yes.”

Later that evening I thought on the emails I have sent Facilities during my year and a half with my current employer. Since my start date, I have sent emails on the following matters:

  • There is no washing up liquid in the kitchen
  • There is no hand soap in the bathroom
  • There is no hot water in the showers
  • There is a funny smell in the office
  • The air con is not cooling enough
  • The air con is too cold
  • The changing room smells
  • We need a new coat stand
  • We need a new scrubbing brush in the kitchenette
  • There is a leak in the kitchen
  • The composting bin smells

Is it really any surprise they didn’t reply to my email?


One response to “Ignore the Sender

  1. No. I don’t think there should be any surprise. I mean, who needs soap when there is money to be earned? Exactly . 🙂

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