Letter to Dublin Bus

Dear Sir/Madam 

Re. No. 38/38A/38C Bus Route

I am a frequent user on the above travel routes, depending on which bus arrives at what time. I thought I might take the time to give you some feedback. 

I take the 38 bus from Cabra to town. The journey takes about ten minutes or so. I usually disembark on D’Olier Street; however, the bus does not always stop here. I initially thought this was inconsistent. I monitored the frequency of which derivation of 38 bus stopped at what stop. I reckoned the 38 and 38A stop on D’Olier Street, but the 38C did not. I made a little mental note that I repeated to myself most mornings. It became a mantra of sorts. It went like this: 

“38C(an’t) stop on D’Olier Street”

Just when I thought I had the whole system sussed, one day the 38C stopped on D’Olier Street. This confused me no end. My mantra became useless. I was stumped. You probably ask why it is such a big deal whether I get off the bus one stop later than D’Olier Street. The final bus stop after D’Olier Street is Hawkins Street. To get here, the bus has to go around three corners and three sets of traffic lights. It adds considerable time onto a morning commute. Those vital minutes can make the difference in whether I get my skinny, grandé cappuccino. 

Some bus drivers announce that the bus will not stop on D’Olier Street. This is most appreciated. I usually alight on O’Connell Street in this case. Other mornings, the bus driver does not inform the passengers. As I and my fellow passengers approach D’Olier Street everyone gets out of their seat in anticipation of the D’Olier Street bus stop. When it is obvious D’Olier Street is not a scheduled stop all passengers release a collective sigh. They are probably disappointed that they too won’t get to have their cappuccino.
Last night, I visited the Dublin Bus website to verify whether the D’Olier Street is a scheduled stop on the number 38 bus route. It turns out it is not. The bus drivers that let us off on D’Olier Street are considerate to their passengers’ needs. In the absence of an official bus stop, I wonder if you might consider putting one in place. I know this probably isn’t viable during these recessionary times and all that, but I am sure the West Coast Coffee company on D’Olier Street would be more than willing to cover most of the cost.
Best Regards,

One response to “Letter to Dublin Bus

  1. I find this very frustrating in the mornings as it can take a long time to go around the block to Hawkin Street. It can add up to 10 minutes or more, which might not sound much but it only takes 20 minutes to get in from the Navan Road, so to spend half that time again doing a loop around the block when you have past where you want to get off is annoying. You end up walking back to where the bus just came from.

    If all the drivers announced if they are stopping or not would be fine but the inconsistency in annoucements or whether buses stop on D’olier street or not is irritating.

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