Bridge Over Troubled Waters

What the on Earth was Irish Rail thinking when they gave the OK to the viaduct on the Dublin-Belfast line? Read all about it here.

I can picture a few Irish Rail representatives visiting the site around 16.30 on the Tuesday following the report of damage by a local scounts leader the day before.

“Ah sure ‘tis grand” one of the representatives probably said.

Notice my use of the word “representative”. I would like to use the term “structural engineer”; I doubt one was even present. A structural engineer would not have given a bridge the OK based on visuals. But do not fret; I am sure all Irish Rail staff made it home safely on time for their tea.

Safety is not something to be shrugged off. Irish Rail has really made a mess on this one. I should write to them and inform them of this. I might dumb it down a little.

“Heavy choo choo carrying lots and lots of people, lots of times a day over the big bridge needs to be nice and safe. OK?”


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