Dried Up

It’s two o’clock. I just logged into my blog for the first time in days. Normally, I check my blog daily. However, my work, exercise schedule, minimal social life and addiction to Facebook game Farmville have caused distraction. The demands of my job are enormous at the moment. I rarely leave work on time and when I do leave, I rush to yoga, which is an hour’s walk from my office. I have time for nothing. The daily quota for my mental capacity is utilised in creating spreadsheets of data, analysing the data and doing stuff with the data. By the end of the day my brain is like cornflakes left soaking in milk for too long – mush. By nine o’clock of a week-night I am to be found on the couch, making minimal conversation with Boyfriend, with the laptop on my lap, living out my virtual existence on Farmville. It’s really all I am fit for at the moment. Logging into my blog reminds me of this sad truth. I could not pull a creative idea for a blog from anywhere. I’m all dried up. I was once a magnificent, plump red grape. Now, I am nothing but a raisin. A raisin I tell you … are raisins even good for anything?


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