James Bond, License to Perv

I am unqualified to review Bond movies since I am not a die hard fan, but Die another Day (2002) shown on RTE last night proves the Broccoli family’s decision to replace Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig. Die Another Day is weak on many levels. The script, acting and action sequences leave much to be desired despite the movie delivering on what a Bond movie promises. By the time the credits roll, you cannot help feel unfulfilled. I (perhaps, unfairly) blame Pierce Brosnan.

Individual preference for casting of James Bond is highly subjective. Audiences hailed Brosnan as slick and suave as Bond, whereas I found him oily and sleazy. His portrayal of Bond in Die Another Day did nothing to counteract my opinion. Bond movies are clearly not made for feminists; the film franchise reliably portrays supposedly strong female leads incapable of resisting 007. Am I right to think Brosnan’s predecessors delivered equally cheesy chat up lines to Bond Girls with less conviction?

Brosnan was in his late-forties during the making of Die Another Day. In my opinion he showed signs of his age. He looks great in the movie; I certainly would not decline a vodka Martini from him. I feel guilty for my inability to look past his age during the movie. I guess the movie’s casting intended to portray a Bond younger than Brosnan’s actual age. I cringed when the ‘refined’ Brosnan delivered lines such as “will I have the pleasure of you later this evening?” to the youthful and very beautiful Romasund Pike.

Brosnan’s portrayal of womaniser Bond smacks of a man undergoing a midlife crisis. Pierce’s depiction of Bond was reminiscent of a recently divorced office colleague at a Christmas party, who cracks open a vat of expired, objectifying chat up lines in a world that thankfully has evolved. Never have I thought a Bond character to be more out of place in today’s world, than I did after watching Die Another Day.

If the Broccoli family ever doubt their decision to give Brosnan the boot, affirmation for their decision can be found in a bargain bin in HMV.


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