Is it bad of me to not like Fairtrade coffee? To the best of my knowledge this brand of coffee is probably the most ethical coffee to consume. Why does it taste so bloody bad? Perhaps, it’s my pallet.

I would intentionally not go to a café that serves Fairtrade coffee. These cafés are marked with identifiable signage. I shall be giving these establishments a wide berth.

To summarise; I do not like Fairtrade. What type of coffee do I like? I cannot exactly visit a café looking for slave trade coffee can I?



6 responses to “Fairtrade

  1. All of the stands selling tea/coffee at the Electric Picnic must serve at least one option for Fairtrade – interesting factoid of the day.

    • There are many different variations of Fairtrade coffee – some are good some are bad. If all Fairtrade coffee were bad, Starbucks would not be committing to have 100% of the espresso coffee sold – both whole bean and espresso-based beverages – in Starbucks stores in the UK and Ireland Fairtrade Certified by the end of 2009.

  2. MyopicPsychotic

    Perhaps, that’s why I don’t like Starbucks coffee either.

  3. picky picky ….

  4. I hate starbucks coffee. There is one fairtrade coffee in Ireland that is excellent. I can’t quite remember the brand but you can buy it in Tesco and it’s in a green packet – definitely worth it!

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