The Word is Not Enough*

On Monday, I found myself in that place enriched with conversational gems – the office canteen. It was, as usual, busy and noisy.  Six of us sat over empty plates. We exchanged our daily light banter and conversation. Donating  half my attention to the conversation, I eyed the large wide screen six feet from me. Sky News was on. An image of Daniel Craig attending some movie premiere flashed across the screen.

“Man, Daniel Craig is sooooo hot. He is ridiculously handsome,” I interjected. No one seemed too bothered at my interruption of their chat.

“Who?” asked Italian Colleague.

“Daniel Craig,” responded Spanish Colleague. “I really like him as James Bond”.

“Me too,” I agreed. “He is much better than greasy Pearse Brosnan. He’s fit too.”

We all watched the television screen in anticipation of another appearance.

Italian Colleague asked if we recalled a recent event involving the wife of an MI6 agent posting her husband’s details and photographs on her Facebook profile. The wife’s actions resulted in the removal of her husband from a recent promotion.

“How stupid could anyone be?” Italian Colleague chuckled with a glint in her eye.

“I would love to be a secret agent,” I said, imagining myself living out a scene from a Bond movie.

Italian Colleague laughed again. Spanish Colleague and the rest of us politely waited for her to explain her laughter.

“You talk far too much to be a secret agent,” she said mid laugh.

Spanish Colleague and the others laughed with her.

 * Clever Boyfriend thought of the title. Seriously witty, eh?

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