Coffee Shop

Every morning, I go to the West Coast Coffee shop on D’Olier Street and get a grande americano. The muffins are also amazing, but they make me fat. By now, I’ve bought nearly forty coffees. Is it pathetic that I am dying for a member of staff to ask me if I want my “usual”?


2 responses to “Coffee Shop

  1. I refuse to go to a local pizza place because they know me BEFORE I EVEN MAKE IT TO THE COUNTER and have my order up and ready to go. Pen in hand because they know I always pay with a credit card.

    So, I’m not entirely sure that is what you want…because it’s kind of shameful when it happens. But that’s just me.

  2. one day the lady in cafe sol said “grande cappucino?” before i asked for it. perhaps i was pathetic to have yearned for that too but it didnt dent my happiness when it happened

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