News Flash

Work very, very busy this week. I have an enormous back log of things to do. At night time, I have dreams about things that are still outstanding. It is not a whole lot of fun. My news, were I to bullet point it, would look a little like this:

  • I passed my exams. I just have my finals to do.
  • Boyfriend and I went for a celebratory curry.
  • I am not sure I really like curries.
  • Hot yoga was very hot, but I am getting better at it.
  • We found out my brother’s girlfriend is pregnant with a boy.
  • I went drinking with friends last night and feel ropey.

3 responses to “News Flash

  1. A BOY!!! how excited are you right now??

  2. MyopicPsychotic

    Over the moon. I am going to be the coolest Uncle and Godfather EVER.

  3. Someone for you to teach how to play football then.

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