Ornamental Purposes

I was home over the weekend to visit the Mammy. The purpose of my visit was to get her up and running on the laptop I bought for her 60th.

Boyfriend did all the necessary things one must do to a new laptop. He hooked it up to the broadband and installed the software. Mum did not like the abundance of colourful wires that splayed from the laptop’s rear.

“I thought broadband was wireless. Why are there so many cables?”

We explained what a wireless router was and that she would have to buy one.

“I will buy one after my holiday in France,” she comforted us.

The laptop sat on the counter top all weekend. Occasionally, Boyfriend and I put it to use. Mum admired it from a safe distance next to the kettle.

“It really is a nice laptop, isn’t it? I like the size.”

I’m concerned the laptop has become no more than a techie addition to the various ornaments she has around the house.

Before we departed for Dublin, on Sunday, she asked Boyfriend to show her “how to get on Google”.

“I like Google,” she said in an affectionate tone.


3 responses to “Ornamental Purposes

  1. Sweet. I like google too. But I really like the can of wuppass that ‘let me google that for you’ opens on lazy colleagues.

    check it out….


  2. She sounds a lot like my mother, who says things like “oh yes, it must be good, I read about it on the website”. “The website”, for the rest of us, means, “the internet”. Example: “Can you get Indonesian food in Dublin? I must look it up on the website on Monday.” Bless her cotton socks.

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