Be Seen and Be Heard

A departmental meeting was scheduled unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. Twenty of us gathered for a brief meeting. A new colleague was unveiled to us all. She spoke for a few minutes, telling us about herself and background. When she finished, the mic was handed back to the department team lead who opened the floor to any further questions or feedback (on anything that was on our mind). By now you must know I am not one to hold my tongue. There has been something bothering of late. Now was the time to air my views.

“I have something to say about our weekly department meetings on Mondays. I hate them. I actually dread them on a Sunday evening.”

My team leader laughed out loud. “I am sorry you feel that way,” she sympathised with a smile.

Each Monday, my department has a meeting at which we are informed of any relevant issues. We then take turns to give what is meant to be a brief overview of what we are working on. It’s an attempt at knowledge sharing.

I appeared to have the attention of the department, most of whom smirked. “I realise that the meetings are necessary for briefings. I find them useful to learn what is going on, but to be honest; I am not really interested in the workload of my colleagues. I zone out when I am not talking.”

One colleague piped up from the corner. “Why don’t you try listening then?” This was said half jokingly.

“It’s not about not listening. I have no idea what you do on a daily basis. You have your work load and I have mine. When you give an overview of your portfolio, I have no idea of what you’re talking about. Why would I listen? There are twenty of us in this department now. Frankly, it’s a waste of my time for me to listen to each and everyone’s work load.”

“That’s a fair enough point,” the team lead said, while nodding her head. “I realise it’s time consuming for everyone. We will work on the format.”

I offered some suggestions, which we discussed as a group.

I probably could have been more diplomatic in how I issued my opinion. I was aware other team mates felt the same about the Monday Meetings. I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind or take shit for speaking on behalf of others. It might be foolish to jeopardise my career for the sake of an opinion, but I really could not give a monkey’s. I have a voice and I use it often. I have a strong voice and I use it on behalf of others.

Speak your mind people. If you feel strongly about something, speak up.


2 responses to “Be Seen and Be Heard

  1. at least the meeting was called to announce the addition of staff, rather than the subtraction

  2. I also never find myself sitting on the fence I must admit – it’s great that you speak your mind!

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