Something Fishy

I had a brilliant weekend. Nothing particular made my weekend lovely. It was a weekend with no purpose, no hit list and no arrangements. I was free to do as I pleased and that I did. I could not have asked for better weather to lounge about town. On Saturday afternoon, I spent an hour or two looking at fancy apartments with Best Friend. After much “oooohing” and “ahhhhing” at the amazing apartments in Castleforbes, I walked into town to meet Boyfriend. Together we walked around town basking in the sunshine. I had settled on the far fetched notion that I would make a fish over the weekend. I am trying to encourage myself to eat more fruit of the sea. Boyfriend and I visited the Asian Food Store near Jervis Street Luas Stop in search of ingredients. The Asian Food store is very cheap. Even the fish counter was impressive. A box of livelycrabs lay on the ground waving their legs at me. I declined to wave back. At this counter I bought fresh squid and some frozen scallops. I am a little squeamish with squid, but soldiered on with the task of preparing it at home. The end result was deep fried calamari. It was deceptively simple. I even managed to cook sea food again on Sunday; I cooked scallops with chorizo. Again, the recipe was easy peasy. The whole lot went down nicely with a few bottles of Heineken. One of the cons of preparing so much fish is that my hands smell funny. They smell like I attended a teenager’s disco on Saturday night. I assure you I did not.


4 responses to “Something Fishy

  1. sounds like a great weekend, especially to someone who mowed yards and vaccuumed living rooms

  2. Lovely weekend. but really. What kind of disco’s did you go to as a teenager….?


  3. MyopicPsychotic

    Oh come on TBNIL, I hardly did things like that at discos. I hate the smell of fish . . . The reports/pictures of such discos that we Irish receive are from the UK. Perhaps, you are more familiar with these discos than you care to imagine.

  4. How very dare you! My school disco’s were always a winner – especially as I went to an all boys school….

    btw I linked you over at mine, hope that’s ok…

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