Beans Means … USB Powered Microwave

The good peeps of Heinz were shocked and appalled to learn of the significant number of individuals who skip lunch due to work pressures. So much so were they shocked that they created the little gadget below. This yoke-a-mee-bob is a little microwave that is powered by your PC via USB connection. It is the ideal solution when work requires you to eat lunch al deské. Just pop one of their new microwaveable beans containers into this mike and hey presto.

mini micro

It remains to be seen whether this creation is either an excellent or stupid action on the part of Heinz. It is a good idea, if it was purely done as a PR stunt to grab some headlines. Aren’t I even writing about it? However, if it was a genuine product created for the market then I think someone in Heinz should hand in their resignation. This “USB microwave” retails at £100. A little steep I think you’ll find. There are so many convenient, lunch time alternatives. I for one don’t like beans. I would much prefer a trip to the office vending machine.


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