How to host a business dinner

This week is the week I demonstrate my professionalism. My manager could not bring clients to dinner; the task fell on my shoulders. I set out with my rarely used company credit card. Overall, the evening went well.

The following are my fool-proof, bullet pointed tips to hosting a business dinner for senior management.

  • Wear cheap Aldo shoes that look pretty, but cause a limp one metre from home.
  • Walk guests by the restaurant (you’ve been to before) and resort to asking passer-by for directions once disorientated.
  • Burst out laughing, when client with adequate English points to her lip and tells you she suffers badly from “herpes” as opposed to “cold sores”.
  • Attempt to leave a 15% gratuity, when a hefty service charge has been applied to bill.
  • Almost leave receipt on table and have client point out that you might require it for expenses.
  • Almost leave conpany credit card on table and have client point out that you might need it in the future.
  • Do best to not draw attention to your limp as you hobble down Grafton Street identifying shops clients should visit.

One response to “How to host a business dinner

  1. Ouch!!! Well at least you got a free dinner out of it!

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