How to have a meeting

This is the manner in which meetings in my company pan out. I have substituted my company’s operations for that of another company. Can you see why I might be frustrated?

Linda – Hi, Harry. You wanted to have a meeting?

Harry – Yes, I want to have a meeting.

Linda – What do you want to discuss?

Harry – I was thinking of having a get together. I was hoping you’d help.

Linda – I’d be glad to.

Harry – Great! I am having a party this weekend. I thought you could organise alcohol and maybe some food.

Linda – Oh …!

Harry – Is there a problem?

Linda – No, but, well food and drink. I will have to contact the food and drink department.

Harry – Oh, OK.  Do that then.

Sometime later

Linda – So Mary will do food and James will do drinks.

Harry – I will need some glasses for drinks. I can get them from you, can’t I?

Linda – I don’t know. Mary can we provide glasses?

Mary – Have we provided glasses before? We must have done. We do cater for many functions.

Harry – Is there a problem?

Mary – No, a party should be no problem. Len, from the glasses department should know. I will ask him to step in for a few minutes.

Some more time later

Len – Yes, we can provide glasses for your party. We will deliver them on Saturday.

Harry – The party is on Friday.

James – You want the glasses the same day you want your drinks?

Harry – I thought that was obvious. Do most people not need glasses the same night as their party?

James – Linda, can you answer this question? I am not sure I follow.

Linda – OK, drinks and glasses on the same day … Len you might take Harry’s information.

Len – No, I have to be at another meeting in two minutes.

Harry – So there is no problem with my party?

Linda – No, there is no problem. How about we all touch base Monday and discuss progress?

Harry – But my party is this Friday …!

Linda – Harry, please be reasonable. You can’t just expect us to organise drinks in a matter of days.

Harry – But this is a brewery, is it not?

Linda – Good observation, Harry. We’ll reconvene at the same time next Monday and assess the situation then.


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