‘Published’ Author

Tonight, I Googled my blogging username “MyopicPsychotic”. Most of the matches were for comments I left on other blogger’s pages. I filtered through the hits and came across a blog entry of mine on www.theprintedblog.com. My article can be found in Vol 1 No. 4. If you visit the page you’ll notice that just under the title it says “printed with explicit permission from each content provider”. Hmmmmm, I am not so sure about that. I recall sending an email asking them to maybe consider some of the content from my blog. Someone contacted me and told me my site would be considered. I don’t recall giving “explicit” permission for my writings to be used. I assumed the content on my site was just not good enough. I am surprised to see it on this online publication. The article is clearly referenced to me and contains a link to my blog. I’m happy. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but when do I get my column in the Irish Times?


One response to “‘Published’ Author

  1. Good for you ! 🙂

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