Political Mess

Currently, in this wonderful Land of Opportunity, Ireland, we are embroiled in the run up to elections. Depending on the constituency, there are two or three elections. There is the election for local council, Minister for European Parliament (MEP) and election of members of the Irish parliament to replace ministers who passed away.

The title of this entry does not relate to the political mess that is our current government. Come on! That is far too predictable. I have more imagination than that. “Political Mess” refers to the mound of flyers and leaflets that awaited me when I arrived home last night. Look at my hall way. Look at the needless wastage of paper.

Political parties have taken to shoving sections of the Amazon rainforest through my letter box. I understand they want to get their message across, but this pile contains duplicate documents for the same political candidate. They are definitely trying to build brand awareness.  They appear to be ticker taping my area.

To all the politicians, councillors and prospective MEPs, stop shoving your shit through my letter box. As soon your cronies deliver it, I put it straight into the recycling bin. I rarely resort to threats, but if you don’t stop, I’ll commence stuffing your letter box with unflattering pictures of myself. Trust me. You really don’t want that.



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