Eminem’s Loving Angels Instead

Over the weekend, at the MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen, in the guise of his fashionista character, Bruno, entered the auditorium suspended by a cable and dressed like an angel. He flew over the audience and appeared to come into difficulty. He was lowered into the audience and landed head first into Eminem’s lap. Eminem appeared stressed with Bruno’s ass only inches from his face. His body guards forcefully removed Bruno. Once free, Eminem stormed off. Speculation on the stunt claimed it was staged. A head writer for the MTV Movie Awards confirmed the stunt was in fact staged and even rehearsed a number of times. Eminem volunteered to be victim when Paris Hilton declined. 

I watched the scene on YouTube last night. I was convinced the prank was genuine. I swore blindly to Boyfriend it was real. All parties practised good acting skills. This was a clever move by Eminem for multiple reasons. Media coverage of the stunt has been endless. Eminem certainly needs this for the launch of his new album. Initially, I thought (supposedly) homophobic Eminem deserved to have an ass plonked down on his face. Now, in the knowledge that he volunteered himself for the spectacle, I have a new liking for him. This PR stunt will pay dividends. I might even purchase Eminem’s album for the first time in his lengthy career.



One response to “Eminem’s Loving Angels Instead

  1. glad to see he can finally laugh at himself

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