Did you see it?

The short answer is no, I didn’t see “Britain’s Got Talent”.

 I didn’t watch the show, but I did:

  • Manage to locate champagne flutes for an OK price after work on Friday.
  • Attend hot yoga for an hour and a half.
  • Organise Champagne to celebrate Boyfriend’s birthday.
  • Bring Boyfriend for birthday dinner.
  • Purchase ingredients for a three course meal on Saturday.
  • Carry the ingredients half a mile due to squabble with Boyfriend.
  • Entertain my younger brother who was staying for the weekend.
  • Eat a Burger King with Little Brother before heading to Joanne’s.
  • Drink too much in Joanne’s.
  • Attend to Little Brother who also drank too much.
  • Wake up early Sunday morning expecting Little Brother to arrive home from Joanne’s.
  • Attend Brunch in Brassiere 66 with my cousins.
  • Rush home from aforementioned brunch in a panic.
  • Clean my house until it shined.
  • Set a beautiful table for dinner.
  • Prepare a three course dinner for seven.
  • Serve pre-dinner Kir Royales and canapés.
  • Celebrate Mum’s 60th Birthday with same dinner.
  • Have Sunday morning breakfast with Mum, Little Brother and his girlfriend.
  • Organise a T-shirt for Limerick Friend for Thursday’s Beyoncé concert.
  • Attend dinner with in-laws.
  • Swill a few bottles of Miller in in-laws garden.
  • Play with Boyfriend’s three year old niece.
  • Get soaked by said niece when she turned the hose on me.
  • Soak said niece when given permission from her dad.
  • Reminisce on pets we had growing up.
  • Have a laugh with Boyfriend’s family.
  • Attempt to clean Everest sized mess in kitchen.
  • Give up on cleaning kitchen and go to bed.

So while I mightn’t have seen Britain’s Got Talent, I have a good excuse not to. I am exhausted, but had an amazing weekend. I hope you had a good one too.


One response to “Did you see it?

  1. Holy cow – all that in one weekend. You’re a busy boy aren’t you!?

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