Word Jumble

I visited Joanne at work last night for a catch up. I had not seen her for over a week. After a good ten minute chat, I met one of her colleagues John, who also happens to be gay. He, Joanne and I chatted. John is in his forties and has what one might term “a healthy sexual appetite”. I know him to work with Joanne. Occasionally, I meet him out and about; He’s an acquaintance. During our conversation, I learned he was going to Poland for the weekend. In my head I thought, we all know what you’ll be doing in Poland this weekend. Joanne had earlier revealed John was seeing a guy from Gdansk.

My conversation with John went:

MyopicPsychotic (MP): “so whereabouts in Poland are you going?”

John: “Gdansk. I’ll be there until Tuesday.”

MP: “You will have a great time. I’ve only been to Lodz, which was a dump, and Warsaw. I would love to visit Krakow.”

John: “Did you know I was there for three and a half weeks earlier this year. It’s such an amazing country”.

MP: “Yes …”

In my head I simultaneously thought three things. Again, I guessed the all sorts he got up to while away for three and a half weeks. I was momentarily distracted. I suddenly realised John, Joanne and another colleague of hers, who had appeared from nowhere, awaited my response. I decided I could reply with two things: The first was, “Yes, you were there for a good while.” By this I meant that he had been away for a considerable amount of time. The second alternative response was, “Yes, I heard you had a good time”. Instead of choosing one of these options, the mechanics of my head jammed. I responded with the following:

MP: “Yes, I heard you were there for a good time.”

It rolled from my mouth with no hesitation. I realised what I had just said. I hoped no one noticed. Joanne blinked at me. Within seconds she erupted into fits of laughter. John giggled in chorus with the other unknown gentleman. All present parties had identified my Freudian slip. John took it well. Joanne later informed me that it made his evening.


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