Small World that is Dublin

Last night, I wanted time to myself. I decided I would see the new Star Trek or the prequel to Star Trek. Let’s not get into semantics. When seated in front of the screen, I nestled down with a hot dog and pick ‘n’ mix. I complimented myself for having choosing such a good place to spend some “me time”. It was then I heard “hello”. I turned around. Right behind me sat a colleague from work. I returned the hello. She proceeded to introduce me to her two male companions. I in turn greeted them both. I then turned to face the screen. I am rarely impolite, but I just couldn’t believe the chance of a colleague ending up behind me in the cinema. I also secretly disliked anyone seeing me indulge in pick ‘n’ mix the way I do, when at the cinema.

On an aside, I had an amazing weekend and am working on a blog to capture it. It was so good. I am still tired from it. I have hot yoga tonight and don’t know how I will manage it.


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