Extreme Male Beauty

The first in a series of Channel 4’s documentary “Extreme Male Beauty” aired last night. The show is presented by controversial broadcaster Tim Shaw. Last night’s show followed Tim investigating cosmetic surgery for penile enhancement. During the hour long documentary, a tangent was introduced in the form of a man who required removal of excess skin, following dramatic weight loss. The focus of the show jumped back and forth between penile enlargements and life changing surgery for the previously obese gentleman. It was random to say the least.

I found the most interesting part of the show to be a discussion between a group of men, including Tim, discussing body issues. I was surprised to witness men openly reveal the size of their penis (on television). One individual admitted to having a penis of ten inches in length. Tim asked one man, who was black, the size of his penis. He sought to clarify whether it was true that black men have larger penises than white men. A discussion among the men showed they had little concern for the size, but all would opt for larger were the (unlikely) opportunity to arise.

Just in case one’s pallet was not wetted sufficiently, there was another element to the show. Tim researched home remedies and products that promised a longer penis. He bought a pump, a stretching device and researched techniques on the internet. I was appalled to see Tim actively use these devices on television. “Extreme Male Beauty”, which was one hour long, contained at least ten shots of Tim Shaw’s penis. Tim is by no means attractive. I certainly did not want to see that much of him. He seemed to live out a personal fantasy “by getting it out” on television. Frankly, I was sickened by it.

Another thing that really bugged me about the show was Tim’s use of terms like “winky”, “tackle”, “cock” and other assortments in place of the word “penis”. I found it a little pathetic when he discussed the surgical procedure for penile enhancement and referred to a needle being inserted into his “winky”. The only surgical procedure I would recommend to Tim Shaw is the removal of his “winky” for the safety of the public. I never, ever want to witness the atrocious sight of his “winky” on television again. I’ll personally remove it, if I have to.


One response to “Extreme Male Beauty

  1. Ugh! So sad. Love, Goddess

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