Was it me?

I recently posted a ditty on Ronan O’Gara. The rhyme addressed his ‘disrespectful’ greeting towards the Queen of England. Over the weekend, I was told that the print media of Ireland paid little heed to the incident. However, it would seem the event sparked controversy on the internet.

This is the article published in the Irish Independent:

RoRo Indo Article

Since last weekend, I noticed a dramatic increase in traffic to my blog. WordPress notified me that hundreds of Google searches for “O’Gara and Queen” lead internet surfers to MyopicPsychotic’s doorstep. I investigated this by doing my own search in Google.

My blog appears fourth in a search under “O’Gara Queen”. Does this mean I am partly responsible for the “internet speculation” and more importantly, am I officially influential?

Google RoRo and Queen


2 responses to “Was it me?

  1. thats gas!!!

    I saw the picture here before I saw it on your blog but obv yours is the one ppl saw!

  2. Wow ! You’re famous ! Congrats 🙂

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