Today, I ache from a sweaty, group session with some scantily clad ladies. Last night, I attended my first hot yoga class. It did exactly what is said on the tin; we did intense yoga in a balmy studio. The first three or four minutes were slow. I was momentarily fooled. Five minutes into the class I struggled to hold the various postures. I took mini breaks, while the women around me seemed perfectly fine. Posture after posture, sweat rolled down my arms. I feared I’d slip off my mat. One of the postures involved squatting and slowly rising to standing position. I could do it, but when I arrived at standing position, I felt dizzy. A friend advised me to bring sweat bands. I invested in some sweat bands for my head and wrists. Nobody else in the class had sweat bands. I looked retro to say the least.

The class was difficult. I honestly expected it to be harder. This morning, I got out of bed with relative ease. Now, at midday, I feel a little sluggish. I am aware of the muscles in my back. I require a crane to lift me out of my chair because my thighs are so tired. I know that extreme soreness awaits me in the morning. I have a case of the DOMS. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness occurs when one is put through paces one’s body ordinarily never undergoes. Basically, your muscles go into shock. “What the hell happened there?” they ask themselves. Twenty four hours later, your muscles are fully briefed on the ordeal you just put them through and man do they punish you. This awaits me in the morning. Oh joy!


3 responses to “DOMS … DOMS … DOMS

  1. my wife’s tai chi teacher always claimed you needed to work in natural temperatures, so I guess the heat makes sense from that standpoint

  2. my thighs would thank me if I put them through something like that once in a while.

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