The Life of Ryan

I have confirmation of how influential my blog is. Pat Kenny obviously read my blog entry that complimented his hosting of the Late Late Show the night the senators received a much deserved bashing. On the basis of my compliments he handed in his notice. I helped him realise he is suited to current affairs. Congratulations to Pat. He made the right call. His decision led to massive speculation by the media on who would fill his position. The lovely ladies, Miriam O’Callaghan and Grainne Seoige were top favourites. RTE bosses decided to give the job to Ryan Tubridy.

I am not sure how I feel about Ryan’s appointment. He and I have a tolerate/hate relationship. He is a good talk show host, but there things about him that irritate me. The first is he is too thin. Would he call the Gardaí if I showed up at his house one evening with a freshly baked pie? Put some weight on, man! The second is that he talks waaaay too fast. He and fellow RTE colleague, Dave Fanning, are celebrated for their gift of the gab. If anyone listened to the content coming out of Ryan’s and Dave’s mouths, they’d realise they talk nothing but shite.

Ryan is scheduled to début on the Late Late Show 4th September 2009. I might just tune in to see how he fares.

Ryan Tubridy


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