The Place Where I Live

The wonderful Kelley from Home in the Heights lives in a picturesque, artsy neighbourhood full of colour and beautiful foliage. Kelley regularly posts photos of her home and surrounding area, which I greatly envy. Kelley gave me inspiration to seek out the nice things in my neighbourhood.

So I tried and … I tried. To be honest, there isn’t much I like about my neighbourhood. It lies about two miles the City Centre on the Northside of Dublin. It received an influx of middleclass in the last five years during the property boom. It still remains rough and rife with undesirables.

A few weeks ago, while on the way to the shop for binge food, I beheld a sight for sore eyes. I fetched my camera. I stood for long enough to avoid a stabbing and take a picture. During April, the cherry blossom flowers. Perhaps, I was a little harsh on the shit hole I live in.




One response to “The Place Where I Live

  1. that’s a beautiful tree. there are many of us who envy your life in Ireland, so hang in there

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