Dear Higher Level Being

Dear Higher Level Being

I write to you in relation to the exciting events you sent my way in the last few weeks.

I am one among many souls whose fate you weave in whatever way you deem fit, but I think you may have gone a little heavy on the flax, when deciding my course over the last few weeks. I thought I would bring this to your attention, that is if it makes any difference. A lot has happened lately as I am sure you already know. The exams took a greater toll on my physical state than I care to admit. Kudos to you on the aging process; it’s a stealthy little mite. The burglary the Saturday following my exams was not so much negative as strange. As you know the burglars took nothing. They merely had a good rummage through my personal belongings, which has done more to creep me out and not sleep properly. After my exams, I needed a few nights of heavy sleep. I didn’t need to lie in bed flinching at the noise of any movement outside.

Last week was a fairly OK. Nothing too traumatic happened. Thanks for allowing me enjoy a nice weekend in London. I really needed it. What does peeve me a little is that now it seems the benefit of my stay in London has been undone by another bout of the mysterious gastro complaint. Was it really necessary for the GP to send me to A&E yesterday? The availability of no seats or beds in the hospital ward was definitely a curve ball I didn’t foresee. You should have known I would walk out of the hospital after four hours of having no contact with a doctor (or maybe you did know that). I will admit that having the Gardaí knock on my door at 00.30 was a bit much. Who would have guessed the hospital would call the police because I left? Boyfriend reckons they thought I was a junkie. Nice touch. I think Boyfriend will be OK with me in a day or two. I never for a moment thought I would exceed his estimations of my stubbornness.

With all this in mind, I wonder if it might be OK for me to have a really dull week or two. Feel free to send nothing exciting my way. Consider it some recovery time for me to investigate the cause the mysterious stomach cramps. After this resting time, you can send anything you please; I’ll take it on the chin. All I want is a little rest – some recuperation.

I hope you will consider my request,




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