I took a much needed break from the study yesterday and visited my local shop. As I was paid for my binge food, I noticed a basket of confectionery for which there was a promotional offer. The shop offered four “Ruffles” for one Euro. I am never one to pass up on a discount on chocolate. I bought four.

I was home only thirty seconds when I chomped into one of the chocolate bars. It was disgusting. It easily is the foulest thing I have ever tasted; a weird combination of coconut and marzipan. There may have been a hint of raspberry somewhere among the atrocity against my taste buds. I spat the contents of my mouth in the bin with a loud “bleugh” noise.

If you come across these awful chocolate bars, give them a wide berth.




One response to “Ruffles

  1. Thanks for the public service warning !

    PS: Those truly sound gross

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