Long-Term Ambition

Today, Boyfriend and I had a frank conversation about our plans for the future. Since Boyfriend’s redundancy, he has notions of going back to college. I was sceptical at first, but after today’s discussion, I feel comfortable with the idea. If Boyfriend goes ahead with his plans, he will be in college for the next few years. I will be the bread winner. He will have to wear the size zero dress for a while. Let’s see him walk in five inch heels.

Should Boyfriend procced with his plans, he will be on the road to success after a jaunt as a student. Boyfriend is tired of working in his current career, which he has done for ten years. He’s entitled to a change. During our discussion today, I said it would be fair that I get to go back to college, when he is finished his studies. He laughed and agreed. Endless possibility is a nice feeling. I’d do a diploma in yoga. I’d love to give courses part-time.

I feel bad for hiding my secret intentions from him. He’s always known about my love of yoga. What he doesn’t know is how far I want to bring it. I intend to commit myself to yoga until my limbs become incredibly long and stretchy. After mastering this, I shall set about learning how to levitate. Once this challenge is overcome, I will achieve my ambition and blow fire balls just like my idol, Dhalsim, did.

Then and only then, will I have any hope of becoming the Ultimate Street Fighter

Yoga Flame!

Yoga Flame!


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