Miss Celeb Spotting

Joanne works in the City Centre. The nature of her job brings the odd celebrity or well known face to her workplace. She also meets a lot of celebrities since she spends so much time around Grafton Street. In her few years of working in Dublin, she has met Ronnie Woods, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Brian McFadden, Rosanna Davison and many others. Some encounters are more notable than others. On one occasion, she was outdoors smoking a cigarette, when Neil Diamond walked out of a nearby pub. Joanne saw him and took a few steps forward.

“Sweet Caroline,” she sang at the top of her voice, while waving her hands above her head. “Oh, oh, oh.”

Neil saw her and walked a little faster.

“It’s your song,” she shouted after him.

Last week, she stood in the same smoke break location. A fancy car stopped beside her. A man got out. Joanne blinked for a moment. She assessed his face; he looked familiar.

“Hi. Are you Willie Nelson?” she asked him.

“No,” he said in a very stern manner.

Joanne was taken aback by the man’s rudeness. She approached one of the security guards of a nearby shop, who looked on from a distance.

“What the fuck was his problem?” she asked the security guard.

“What did you say to him?” he queried.

“All I did was ask if he was Willie Nelson.”

The security guard paused for a moment. “Maybe he took offence because he’s Kenny Rogers.”

“Oh,” said Joanne. “Yeah, that would make sense.”

Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. In fairness to Joanne, they both have beards.

Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. In fairness to Joanne, they both have beards.


2 responses to “Miss Celeb Spotting

  1. Yeah, I can understand why Kenny would be upset. But hey, singing sweet caroline to Neil Diamond made me laugh lots. Sounds like something I’d do…

  2. Oh my God – this might be my favorite blog post ever! I have a white hot distaste for Mr. Kenny Rogers.

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